Our Story

Making Sense of an Insane World.


SFGT was established in 2011 by several like-minded, long-time collaborator to devise interactive installations and multi-media poetic performances which, through monologues, mime, media and music, investigate injustice. What are the root causes of injustice? How can we reimagine and redistribute power in ways that respect our shared humanity? Who does the government protect? Who does the government serve? 

SFGT is a collective of socially conscious activists, artist and educators, founded by Kanene Holder, dedicated to a structural analysis of justice missing in action #ajmia (American Justice MISSING in Action) and the production of original art including videos, oral histories, and performances to ignite dialog around solutions to societal ills. Our approach is academic and aesthetic, political and performative, as we shift consciousness though observation, analysis and creativity. SFGT is inspired by the master painter Degas’ assertion "Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." 

SFGT re-contextualizes media-troupes, becoming tricksters who reflect obtuse and acute realties. We refashion the devil's advocate role through our oxymoronic characters that routinely break "the-forth-wall". In line with Boal’s work, audiences are galvanized into action, becoming spectactors, rather than spectators through dramatic irony and a refashioned Socratic Method- a 3Dimensional interface of data, debates and diatribes. 

Pulling from archetypes and stereotypes, SFGT foments an amalgam of farce, existentialism and socio-political truth. We frequently attend art events together and engage in robust critical discourse on politics and pop culture to discover and transmute our opinions into expression. We meet twice a month to discuss projects and best practices.

Holder’s methodology is systematic; undergird by intense research and introspection. What are the facts? What are my feelings towards this reality? This heuristic odyssey is both internal and an invitation for participatory action and (re)imagining of possibilities. SFGT re-images Rousseau’s “Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains”, as the lens through which to embolden the public to investigate Intersections of Injustice. Today’s chains include student debt, stagnant wages, gentrification, skewed policing and mind numbing #alternativefacts. SFGT- a media savvy  reconfiguring of the Enlightenment, dilates pupils to envision a more humane world through dialogue, discovery, and intervention. Outcomes vary from op-ed pieces to mixed media protest visual art.

Photo by Luigi Morris